couple sitting on rock beside lake - kungsleden


Hiking the Kungsleden ”King’s trail” is an experience unlike any other. This 440 km long trail is situated in the Swedish wilderness, passing through some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. It is a journey of rugged beauty, serenity, and tranquility, as well as a test of one’s endurance and determination. Which made this trail one of the best hikes in Sweden. In this article, we will guide you through the journey of hiking Kungsleden and give you some tips on how to make the most of your trip.

The Route – Kungsleden

The Kungsleden trail starts in Abisko, in the north of Sweden, and ends in Hemavan, in the south. The trail is divided into four main sections, each with its own unique features and challenges. The first section, from Abisko to Nikkaluokta, is the most popular section and is about 110 km long. The second section, from Nikkaluokta to Kvikkjokk, is slightly shorter at 97 km. The third section, from Kvikkjokk to Ammarnäs, is about 120 km long, and the fourth and final section, from Ammarnäs to Hemavan, is 95 km long.

What to Expect

The Kungsleden trail offers a variety of landscapes, from the barren rocky terrain of the north to the lush forests and lakes of the south. Hikers will encounter everything from glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and roaring rivers to tranquil lakes and peaceful valleys. Along the way, hikers may also catch a glimpse of Sweden’s wildlife, such as reindeer, elk, and arctic foxes. Hiking the Kungsleden trail requires a certain level of fitness, as well as the ability to navigate through remote areas with limited facilities.

Preparation and Tips

Before embarking on the Kungsleden trail, it is important to do some preparation. Hikers should ensure they have the right equipment, including a sturdy pair of hiking boots, warm clothing, a reliable tent, and a good sleeping bag. It is also essential to pack enough food and water, as there are limited opportunities to restock supplies along the trail. Hikers should also be prepared for inclement weather, as conditions can change quickly in the Swedish wilderness.

In terms of tips, it is recommended to start early in the day to make the most of the daylight hours, as well as to allow for plenty of rest stops along the way. It is also important to stay on the trail, as venturing off the path can be dangerous in the remote wilderness. Hikers should also be mindful of the environment and practice Leave No Trace principles by packing out all trash and minimizing its impact on the natural surroundings.


Hiking the Kungsleden trail is an adventure of a lifetime, offering a unique opportunity to explore Sweden’s wild and rugged landscapes. With the right preparation and mindset, hikers can conquer the trail and create unforgettable memories along the way.